The Perfect Writing Space



Get Focused

Allow yourself to be immersed in your own writing. By greying out all other paragraphs, Writer makes you think more about the current one, resulting in cleaner, more structured paragraphs.


Get Formatting

Writer was designed to be simplistic yet intuitive. This stays true with our formatting bar. Simply highlight text and it will appear under your cursor, allowing you to format it however you so choose. We hand picked the formatting options to be both abundant and high quality.


Get... Documents?

Writer stores all your documents safely in one place, all you need to do is type and Writer does the rest! Writer also generates important document information that bloggers find incredibly useful: things like estimated reading time, etc.


Turn Off the Lights

By darkening the background to a certain extent, Writer helps to reduce eye strain when writing in a dark environment. Combined with Coffee Mode and auto scroll, this makes for a very pleasant and unique writing experience.

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Get Personal.

Make Writer yours by messing around with the wide variety of options. Change everything from the behavior of the editor to the central color scheme. Enable Coffee Mode to simulate the gentle and calm ambiance of being in a coffee shop or turn on Statistics to see a real-time view of your word/character count.


Customer Reviews

After searching a lot, I chose Writer as my text editor for chromebook. It’s really a great text editor, with simple but essential functions. The free version is already very good, but it’s worth upgrading to the pro version, not only for the advanced features like integration with Google Drive and Simplenote, among others, but also recognize the work of the developer effort. I stay really very happy when I see a well-done application.
— Paulo Camelo
My mind is blown away simply by the Coffee option. I didn’t realize how accustomed I had become to the sound of white noise in the background that kind of blocks out the rest of the world’s distractions. It’s kind of funny.

Thank you for the app, my friend.
— Miranda Marvelous
I was looking for a full-screen, minimalist writing app for my Mac without the unnecessary bells and whistles of Word. Writer delivers 100%. Thanks Carlos & co.!
— Christopher McNeill
Absolutely love the redesign and the ability to truly work offline. This is my new go-to app! Thanks for all of your hard work on this. Keep it up!
— Carlos J. Queirós